Shreemay Vidya Mandir is the educational wing of “Shreemay Community Services” serving the needs of all generations.  It’s goal is to prepare well-balanced, competent, and compassionate citizens from needy socio-economic backgrounds who can be proud of their skills, culture, history and heritage and who can build a brighter future for themselves and for society.

Classes Offered 2017-18

  1. Hindi and Gujarati classes
  2. Emphasis on Reading, Writing and Day to day conversations
  3. Cultural classes based on child’s age 
  4. Starting with me and mom / dad class (0-3) with parents
  5. 4 year old till teen
  6. Classes meet weekly and include projects, discussions, debates, plays, dance, community service etc
  7. Computer programming class - For 6th and 7th graders 
  8. Music Class  - Indian classical music, singing
  9. Book Club - Reading class for all ages - ideal for middle schoolers
  10. SAT Prep Class - For high school students going to college
  11. Yoga for Youth

In the past we have offered Arts and Craft Classes, Dance Classes, Computer Classes for kids.