Shreemay Community Services was established in 2009 with the vision to serve the wider community  keeping the neediest , the sick, poor, seniors and youth in mind and promoting activities that contribute to  their well being such as through humanitarian and community  efforts. Over the years Shreemay Community Services has focused on providing concerted and dedicated resources for seniors through Shreemay Senior Center, an education  program through Shreemay Vidya Mandir, and youth volunteer and leadership opportunities through Nikunj Yuva Seva, an educational resource center through the Library and multi-media center called Shreemay Pustak Teerth and humanitarian activities with blood and bone marrow drives, flu clinics, health fairs, food drives etc.

 “Shreemay Community Services” Mission:

  •  Create a platform to promote humanitarian, educational, cultural, social and spiritual activities
  •  To serve seniors and youth in providing healthy, active and meaningful activities to enrich their lives and so they can be active members     in society.
  •  Promote personal development of youth and children by emphasizing activities that foster the universal values irrespective of race, caste   or religion.
  •  Service to and opportunities for Seniors and Youth are promoted  steeped in the ideals of “Seva” or Selfless Service.